Title waecmaths question
Question 1

If x% of 240 equal 12, find x

Question 2

Evaluate $\frac{{{(3.2)}^{2}}-{{(4.8)}^{2}}}{3.2+4.8}$

Question 3

Find the product of 0.0409 and 0.0021 leaving your answer in the standard form

Question 4

Simplify $\sqrt{50}+\frac{10}{\sqrt{2}}$

Question 5

P naira invested for 4 years at r % simple interest per annum  yield 0.36P naira interest. Find the value of r

Question 6

Convert 425 to a base three numeral 

Question 7

A trader bought 100 tubers of yam at 5 for N350.00. She sold them in set of 4 for N290.00. Find her gain percent

Question 8

If  $p-2g+1=g+3p$ and $p-2=0$ , find g

Question 9

Simplify $\frac{\tfrac{1}{x}+\tfrac{1}{y}}{x+y}$

Question 10

Simplify $\sqrt[3]{27{{x}^{3}}{{y}^{9}}}$  

Question 11

Given that x = 2 and $y=-\frac{1}{4}$, evaluate $\frac{{{x}^{2}}y-2xy}{5}$

Question 12

Factorize $5{{y}^{2}}-2ay-3{{a}^{2}}$

Question 13

If 4y is greater than the sum of y and 3x, by how much is y greater than x

Question 14

If $p=\tfrac{3}{5}\sqrt{\tfrac{q}{r}}$ express q in term of p and r

Question 15

Simplify $\frac{2{{x}^{2}}-5x-12}{4{{x}^{2}}-9}$

Question 16

In the diagram $\angle QPR={{90}^{\circ }}$ , if ${{q}^{2}}=25-{{r}^{2}}$ find the value of p

Question 17

POR is a sector of a circle centre O, radius 4cm, if $\angle PQR={{30}^{{}^\circ }}$. Find, correct to 3 significant figures, the area of sector POR $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$ 

Question 18

If the volume of a cube is 343cm3. Find the length of its side

Question 19

In the diagram PQRS is a rhombus$\left| PR \right|=10cm\text{ and }\left| QS \right|=24cm$. Calculate the perimeter of the rhombus.

Question 20

In the diagram \[\left| PR \right|=\left| QR \right|\] and $\left| PR \right|=\left| RS \right|=\left| SP \right|$ , calculate the size of $\angle QRS$

Question 21

In the figure shown, PQS is a straight line. What is the value of $\angle PRQ$

Question 22

In the diagram, $PQ\parallel RS,\text{ }QU\parallel PT\text{ and }\angle PSR={{42}^{{}^\circ }}$. Find the angle x

Question 23

The angle of a quadrilateral are ${{(x+10)}^{o}},2{{y}^{o}},{{90}^{o}}\text{ and (100}-y{{)}^{o}}$. Find y in term of x

Question 24

In the figure  $\left| PX \right|=\left| XQ \right|,\text{ }\left| PQ \right|\parallel \left| YZ \right|$ and $XY\parallel QR$>What is the ratio of the area of XYZQ to $\Delta YZR$ ?

Question 25

In the diagram, O is the centre of the circle and PQRS is a cyclic quadrilateral. Find the value of x   

Question 26

If ${{x}^{o}}$ is obtuse, which of the following is true?

Question 27

if $\tan x=1$evaluate $\sin x+\cos x$ leaving your answer in surd form 

Question 28

If $\cos {{(x+25)}^{o}}=\sin {{45}^{o}}$, find the value of x

Question 29
Question 30

If ${{2}^{n}}=128$ , find the value of $({{2}^{n-1}})({{5}^{n-2}})$

Question 31

If $x\propto (45+\tfrac{1}{2}y)$ which of the following is true

Question 32

Simplify $\frac{\log \sqrt{8}}{\log 4-\log 2}$

Question 33

Every staff in an office owns either a Mercedes or Toyota car. 20 owns Mercedes, 15 own Toyota and 5 own both. How many staff are there in the office?

Question 34

A train travel 60km in M minutes, If its average speed is 400 km per hour, find the value of M

Question 35

An arc of a circle, radius 14cm is 18.33cm long Calculate correct to the nearest degree, the angle which the arc subtends at the centre of the circle Take$\pi=\tfrac{22}{7}$

Question 36

What is the length of an edge of a cube whose total surface is X cm2 and whose volume is $\tfrac{x}{2}c{{m}^{2}}$

Question 37

XY is a chord of circle centre O and radius 7. The chord XY which is 8cm long subtends an angle of 120o at the centre of the circle . Calculate perimeter of the minor segment[Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$]

Question 38

If the perimeter of ΔPQR in the diagram is 24cm, what is the area of ΔPRS?

Question 39

If $p=\frac{1}{2}$ and $\frac{1}{p-1}=\frac{2}{p+x}$ , find the value of x

Question 40

Find the quadratic equation whose roots are c and –c