Title waecmaths question
Question 1

Simplify $(3\tfrac{1}{2}+4\tfrac{1}{3})\div (\tfrac{5}{6}-\tfrac{2}{3})$

Question 2

In a particular year, the exchange rate of Naira (N) varies directly with the Dollars. If N1222 is equivalent to 8 dollars. Find the Naira equivalent to 36dollars 

Question 3

If $\log 2=x,\log 3=y\text{ and }\log 7=z$ find, in term of x, y and z. The value of $\log (\tfrac{28}{3})$ 

Question 4

Arrange the following numbers in descending order of magnitude 22three, 34five, 21six 

Question 5

Find the value to which N3000.00 will amount to in 5 years at 6% per annum simple interest

Question 6

Express the square root of 0.000144 in the standard form

Question 7

Two sets are disjoints if 

Question 8

Solve the following equations            $\begin{align}  & 2x+3y=7 \\ & x+5y=0 \\\end{align}$ 

Question 9

If $\tfrac{3}{2x}-\tfrac{2}{3x}=4$ Solve for x

Question 10

Find the coordinates of P

Question 11

Find the value of x when y = 0

Question 12

Five bottles of Fanta and two packets of biscuits cost Gh¢ 6.00. Three bottles of Fanta and four packets of biscuits cost Gh¢ 5.00. Find the cost of a bottle of Fanta.

Question 13

If ${{(2x+3)}^{3}}=125$, find the value of x

Question 14

Factorize $({{x}^{2}}-2x-3xy+6y)$ completely

Question 15

Which of the following illustrates the solution of $\left( \frac{3x+4}{2} \right)<x+3$ 

Question 16

The diameter of a bicycle wheel is 42cm. If the wheel makes 16 completes revolutions, what will be the total distance covered by the wheels (Take$\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$)

Question 17

PQRS is a trapezium. $QR\parallel PS,\text{ }\left| QR \right|=6cm,\text{ }\left| PS \right|=10cm\text{ and }\angle QPS={{42}^{\circ }}$





Calculate the perpendicular distance between the parallel between the parallel sides

Question 18

PQRS is a trapezium. $QR\parallel PS,\text{ }\left| QR \right|=6cm,\text{ }\left| PS \right|=10cm\text{ and }\angle QPS={{42}^{\circ }}$





Calculate; correct to the nearest cm2 the area of the trapezium



Question 19

In the diagram, $\left| TP \right|=12cm$ and it is  6cm from O, the centre of the circle Calculate $\angle TOP$

Question 20

The interior angle of a pentagon are (2x + 5)o, (x + 20)o, xo, (3x – 20)o and (x + 15)o. Find the value of x

Question 21

In the diagram, IG is parallel to JE, $J\overset{\wedge }{\mathop{E}}\,F={{120}^{\circ }}$ and $F\overset{\wedge }{\mathop{H}}\,G={{130}^{\circ }}$. Find the angle marked t

Question 22

If M and N are two fixed points in a plane , find the locus L = {P : PM = PN}

Question 23

Find the value of x in the diagram

Question 24

In the diagram $\left| SQ \right|=4cm,\text{ }\left| PT \right|=7cm\text{, }\left| TR \right|=5cm$ and $ST\parallel QR$ If $\left| SP \right|=xcm$. Find the value of x

Question 25

Given that $\sin {{60}^{\circ }}=\tfrac{\sqrt{3}}{2}\text{ and }\cos {{60}^{\circ }}=\tfrac{1}{2}$ evaluate $\frac{1-\sin {{60}^{\circ }}}{1+\cos {{60}^{\circ }}}$

Question 26

Find the bearing of X from Y

Question 27

If $\left| XY \right|=50m$ how far east of X is Y? 

Questio 28

In an examination, Kofi scored x% in Physics, 50% in Chemistry and 70% in Biology. If the mean score for the three subjects was 55%, find x

Question 29

What is the median of the following scores 22, 41, 35, 63, 82, 74 ?

Question 30

Express 2.7864 × 10–3 to two significant figures

Question 31

If ${{9}^{2x}}=\tfrac{1}{3}({{27}^{x}})$ find x

Question 32

If 85% of x is N3230, what is the value of x

Question 33

The capacity of a water tank is 1,800 litres. If the tank is in the form of a cuboid with base 600cm by 150cm, find the height of the tank

Question 34

An arc of a circle subtends an angle of 60o at the centre. If the radius of the circle 3cm, find in terms of π, the length of the arc

Question 35

Solve $\frac{2x+1}{6}-\frac{3x-1}{4}=0$

Question 36

If x is a positive integer, list the values of x which satisfy the equation $3x-4<6$ and $x-1>0$

Question 37

If c and k are roots of $6-x-{{x}^{2}}=0$, find c + k

Question 38

In the diagram, angle 200o is subtended at the centre of the circle. Find the value of x

Question 39

Each of the interior angle of a regular polygon is 140o. Calculate the sum of all the interior angles of the polygon

Question 40

A bucket holds 10 litres of waters. How many buckets of water will fill a reservoir of size 8m × 7m × 5m(1 litres = 1000cm3)