Title waecmaths question
Question 1

Evaluate (0.13)3 correct to three significant figures.

Question 2

Simplify 11011two – 1101two

Question 3

Simplify $\frac{{{25}^{\tfrac{2}{3}}}\div {{25}^{\tfrac{1}{6}}}}{{{({1}/{5}\;)}^{-\tfrac{7}{6}}}\times {{({1}/{5}\;)}^{\tfrac{1}{6}}}}$

Question 4

Simplify $\frac{x-4}{4}-\frac{x-3}{6}$

Question 5

Given that $\frac{1-2x}{4x-3}$, find the value of x for which y is undefined

Question 6

P is a point on the same plane with a fixed point A. If P moves such that it is always equidistant from A, the locus of P is

Question 7

A fair coin is tossed three times. Find the probability of getting two head and one tail 

Question 8

If 30% of y is equal to x, what, in terms of x is 30% of 3y

Question 9

A baker used 40% of a 50kg of flour. If $\tfrac{1}{8}$ of the amount used was for cake, how many kilogram of flour was used for the cake? 

Question 10

If tan y = 0.404, where y is acute, find cos 2y

Question 11

In the diagram PQUV, PQTU, QRTU and QRST are parallelograms. $\left| UV \right|=4.8cm$ and the perpendicular distance between PR and VS is 5cm. Calculate the area of quadrilateral PRSV 

Question 12

Which of this diagram show(s) the correct method of constructing a perpendicular line PQ at a given X on

Question 13

In the diagram $\left| QR \right|=5cm$ $\angle PQR={{60}^{\circ }}$ and $\angle PSR={{45}^{\circ }}$. Find $\left| PS \right|$ leaving your answer in surd form

Question 14

Represent the solution of the inequality $\frac{x-2}{2}\ge \frac{x+3}{4}$ on the number line

Question 15

In the diagram  find xo + yo

Question 16

The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 5:3, find the probability of selecting at random a girl from the class

Question 17

In the diagram PR is a diameter of the circle centre O. RS is a tangent at R and $\angle QPR={{58}^{\circ }}$, find $\angle QRS$

Question 18

The table below satisfies the relation $y=k\sqrt{x}$ , where k is a positive constant.









Question 19

The table below satisfies the relation $y=k\sqrt{x}$ , where k is a positive constant. Use it to answer  18 and 19









Question 20

What must be added to ${{x}^{2}}-3x$ to make it a perfect square?

Question 21

In the diagram P, Q, R, S are points on the circle $R\overset{\wedge }{\mathop{Q}}\,S$ = 30o, $P\overset{\wedge }{\mathop{R}}\,S$ = 50o and $P\overset{\wedge }{\mathop{S}}\,Q$ = 20o. What is the value of xo + yo ?

Question 22

Given that  $(2x-1)(x+5)=2{{x}^{2}}-mx-5$, what is the value of m?

Question 23

What is the place value of 9 in the number 3.0492?

Question 24

If the simple interest on a sum of money invested at 3% per annum for 2½ years in N123. Find the principal

Question 25

A machine valued at N20,000 depreciates by 10% every year. What will be the value of the machine at the end of two years

Question 26

If $2x+y=10$ and $y\ne 0$ which of the following is not a possible value of x

Question 27

In the diagram, P, Q and R  are three points in a plane such that the bearing of R from Q is 110o and the bearing of Q from P is 050o. Find $\angle PQR$

Question 28

If x + y = 12 and 3xy =20, find the value of 2xy

Question 29
Question 30
Question 31

If ${{\log }_{a}}270-{{\log }_{a}}10+{{\log }_{a}}\tfrac{1}{3}=2$ what is the value of a?

Question 32

A conical water–jug is 7cm in diameter and 6cm deep. Find the volume of water it can hold [Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$ ]

Question 33

In the diagram, the two circles have a common a centre O, if the area of the larger circle is 100π and that of the smaller circle is 49 π. Find x 

Question 34

If $P={{\left[ \frac{Q(R-T)}{15} \right]}^{\tfrac{1}{3}}}$ Make T the subject of the relation

Question 35

In the diagram, PQR is a straight line, QRST  is a parallelogram$\angle TPQ={{72}^{\circ }}$ and $\angle RST={{126}^{\circ }}$. What type of triangle is ΔPQT

Question 36

A seller allows 20% discount for cash payment on a marked price of his goods. What is the ratio of the cash payment to the marked price

Question 37
Question 38
Question 39

Find the  nth tem of the sequence 5, 10 , 20, 40, 80,…

Question 40

The diagram shows an arc MN of a circle centre O, with radius 10cm, If $\angle MON={{72}^{\circ }}$ Calculate the length of the arc, correct to three significant figures. [Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$]