Title waecmaths question
Question 30

If $2{{\log }_{x}}(3\tfrac{3}{8})=6$ find the value of x

Question 29

Which of these statement about $y=8\sqrt{m}$ is correct?

Question 17

Simplify $\frac{\log \sqrt{27}}{\log \sqrt{81}}$

Question 33

If ${{\log }_{2}}(3x-1)=5$, find x

Question 3

If $\log 2=x,\log 3=y\text{ and }\log 7=z$ find, in term of x, y and z. The value of $\log (\tfrac{28}{3})$ 

Question 32

Simplify $\frac{\log \sqrt{8}}{\log 4-\log 2}$

Question 34

Find the value of a if ${{\log }_{10}}a+{{\log }_{10}}{{a}^{2}}=0.9030$

Question 31

If ${{\log }_{a}}270-{{\log }_{a}}10+{{\log }_{a}}\tfrac{1}{3}=2$ what is the value of a?

Question 6

Given that ${{\log }_{x}}64=3$, evaluate $x{{\log }_{2}}8$  

Question 4

Simplify the expression ${{\log }_{10}}18-{{\log }_{10}}2.88+{{\log }_{10}}16$

Question 24

If ${{\log }_{9}}x=1.5$ find x

Question 7

Given that $a=\log 7$ and $b=\log 2$ express $\log 35$ in terms of a and b

Question 7

If ${{\log }_{10}}(6x-4)-{{\log }_{10}}2=1$, solve for x

Question 7

Evaluate $\frac{{{\log }_{3}}9-{{\log }_{2}}8}{{{\log }_{3}}9}$

Question 15

Simplify ${{\log }_{10}}6-3{{\log }_{10}}3+\tfrac{2}{3}{{\log }_{10}}27$

Question 25

If ${{\log }_{x}}2=0.3$ evaluate ${{\log }_{x}}8$