Title waecmaths question
Question 40

When a number is subtracted from 2, the result equals 4 less than one – fifth of the number. Find the number

Question 10

Three quarters of a number added to two and a half number gives 13. Find the missing number

Question 26

A box contains 13 current notes, all of which are either N50 or N20 notes. The total value of the currency notes is N530. How many N50 notes are in the box?

Question 30

if x : y = 3 : 2 and yz = 5 : 4, find the value of x in the ratio x: y: z

Question 37

Subtract  $\tfrac{1}{2}(a-b-c)$ from the sum of $\tfrac{1}{2}(a-b+c)$and $\tfrac{1}{2}(a+b-c)$

Question 12

If $x+y=2y-x+1=5$ , find the value of x

Question 13

The sum of 12 and one third of n is 1 more than twice n. Express the statement in the form of an equation.

Question 33

if $x+0.4y=3$ and $y=\tfrac{1}{2}x$ find the value of $(x+y)$

Question 38

Alfred spend $\tfrac{1}{4}$ of his money on food, $\tfrac{1}{3}$ on clothing  and saved the rest. If he saved N72,000.00, how much did he spend on food

Question 1

If N112.00 exchange for D14.95, calculate the value of D1.00 in Naira

Question 35

What must be added to $(2x-3y)$ to get $(x-2y)$?

Question 43

In a quiz competition, a student answers n question correctly and was given D(n + 50) for each question correctly answered. If he gets D600.00 altogether. How many question did he answer correctly?

Question 50

If $E=\frac{MN}{S+N}$ and E =75, M = 120, N = 5000, find S

Question 9

The sum of 2 consecutive whole numbers is $\tfrac{5}{6}$ of their product. Find the numbers

Question 14

The sum of 6 and one –third of x is more than twice x. Find x

Question 47

Halima is n years old. Her brother’s age is 5 years more half of her age. How old is her brother?

Question 8

If  $p-2g+1=g+3p$ and $p-2=0$ , find g

Question 11

Given that x = 2 and $y=-\frac{1}{4}$, evaluate $\frac{{{x}^{2}}y-2xy}{5}$

Question 13

If 4y is greater than the sum of y and 3x, by how much is y greater than x

Question 2

$\begin{align}  &\text {Find the LCM of} \\  & {{2}^{3}}\times 3\times {{5}^{2}} \\ & 2\times {{3}^{2}}\times 5 \\ & {{2}^{2}}\times {{3}^{3}}\times 5 \\\end{align}$

Question 9

I am x years old and my brother is 3 years older. How old was my brother last year

Question 26

If $2x+y=10$ and $y\ne 0$ which of the following is not a possible value of x

Question 48

The temperature in a chemical plant was  –5oC at 2.00am . The temperature fell by 6oC and then rose again by 7oC. What was the final temperature?

Question 31

Tom will be 25 years old in n years time. If he is 5 years younger than Bade, Find Bade’s present age.

Question 13

Simplify: $3x-(p-x)-(r-p).$

Question 23

If ${{2}^{a}}=\sqrt{64}$ and $\frac{b}{a}=3$, evaluate ${{a}^{2}}+{{b}^{2}}$