Title waecmaths question
Question 6

Mr. Manu travelled from Accra to Panfokrom a distance of 720km in 8 hours. What will be his speed in m/s?

Question 6

A car uses one litre of petrol for every 14km. If one litre of petrol cost N63.00, how far can the car go with N900.00 worth of petrol?

Question 32

How many times, correct to the nearest whole number, will a man run around a circular track of diameter 100 m to cover a distance of 1000m

Question 49

If $x\text{ }km{{h}^{-1}}=y\text{ }m{{s}^{-1}}$ then y =

Question 6

On a map, 1cm represent 5 km. Find the area on the map that represents 100km2 

Question 16

The diameter of a bicycle wheel is 42cm. If the wheel makes 16 completes revolutions, what will be the total distance covered by the wheels (Take$\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$)

Question 34

A train travel 60km in M minutes, If its average speed is 400 km per hour, find the value of M

Question 40

The rate of consumption of petrol  by a vehicle varies directly as the square of the distance covered. If 4 litres of petrol is consumed on a distance of 15km, how far would the vehicle go on 9 litres of petrol

Question 35

A train moving at uniform speed, covers 36km in 21 minutes. How long does it take to cover 60km