Title waecmaths question
Question 13

If $\tfrac{1}{2}x+2y=3\text{ and }\tfrac{3}{2}x-2y=1$ find (x + y)

Question 7

Solve the equations$\begin{align}  & 3x-2y=7 \\ & x+2y=-3 \\\end{align}$

Question 12

Given that $2x+y=7$and $3x-2y=3$, by now much is 7x greater than 10 

Question 8

Solve the following equations            $\begin{align}  & 2x+3y=7 \\ & x+5y=0 \\\end{align}$ 

Question 12

Five bottles of Fanta and two packets of biscuits cost Gh¢ 6.00. Three bottles of Fanta and four packets of biscuits cost Gh¢ 5.00. Find the cost of a bottle of Fanta.

Question 12

Solve the simultaneous equations$\begin{align}  & x+y=2 \\ & 3x-2y=1 \\\end{align}$

Question 35

A messenger was paid N2.50  an hour during the normal working hours and N4.00 an hour during overtime. If he received N31.00 for 10 hours works, how many hours are for the overtime?

Question 28

If x + y = 12 and 3xy =20, find the value of 2xy

Question 43

Find the value of P if $\tfrac{1}{4}p+3q=10$and $2p-\tfrac{1}{3}q=7$ 

Question 21

Solve for y in the equations



Question 9

If $y-2x=4$and $y-3x=-1$, find the value of $(x-y)$