Title waecmaths question
Question 31

If $P=\{y:2y\ge 6\}$and $Q=\{y:y-3\le 3\}$ when y is an integer. Find $P\cap Q$

Question 44

Using the Venn diagram, find$n(X\cap Y')$

Question 11

If $X=\{0,2,4,6\}$, $Y=\{1,2,3,4\}$ and$Z=\{1,3\}$ are subset of $U=\{x:0\le x\le 6\}$, find $X\cap (Y\cup Z)$

Question 12

Find the truth set of the equation ${{x}^{2}}=3(2x+9)$

Question 37

If P = {prime factors of 210} and Q = { prime number less than 10},find $P\cap Q.$

Question 34

Given that n(P) = 19,$n(P\cup Q)=38$ and $n(P\cap Q)=7$ find n(Q)

Question 44

The venn diagram show the number of students in a class who like reading(R), dancing (D) and swimming (S). How many students like dancing and swimming?

Question 13

Given that $P=\{x:1\le x\le 6\}$ and $Q=\{x:2<x<10\}$ , where x is an integers. Find $n(P\cap Q)$

Question 15

Given that $T=\{x:-2<x\le 9\}$ where x is an integer . What is n(T)

Question 38

Detemine $M'\cap N$from the Venn diagram

Question 7

Two sets are disjoints if 

Question 36

If x is a positive integer, list the values of x which satisfy the equation $3x-4<6$ and $x-1>0$

Question 48

Which shaded region in the following diagram represents$(P\cup Q)\cap R$?

Question 33

Every staff in an office owns either a Mercedes or Toyota car. 20 owns Mercedes, 15 own Toyota and 5 own both. How many staff are there in the office?

Question 38

The Venn diagram shows the choice of food of a number of visitors to a canteenthere were 35 visitors in all, find the value of x

Question 39

The Venn diagram shows the choice of food of a number of visitors to a canteen. How many people took at least two kinds of food?

Question 42

If  P = { 1,3, 5, 7,9} and Q = {2, 4, 6, 8, 10} are subsets of a universal set U = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10}, what are the elements of $P'\cap Q'$

Question 42

Describe the shaded portion in the diagram 

Question 49

Consider the following statements: 

X : Locally manufactured tyres are attractive

Y : Many locally manufactured tyres do not last long

Denoting locally manufactured by M, attractive tyres by R and lost lasting tyres tyres by L.

Which of these Venn diagrams illustrates the statements?

Question 34

P = {3, 9, 11, 13} and Q = {3, 7, 9, 15} are subsets of the universal set  ξ = {1, 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15}. Find $P'\cap Q'$

Question 6

If $M=\{x:3\le x<8\}$ and $N=\{x:8<x<12\}$ , which of the following is true

I. $8\in M\cap N$

II. $8\in M\cup N$

III. $M\cap N=\varnothing $

Question 46

M and N are two subset of the universal sets (U). if n(U) =48, n(M) = 20, n(N) =30 and $n(M\cup N)=40$, find $n(M\cap N)'$

Question 6

If T ={ Prime numbers} and

M = {odd numbers} are subsets of

$\mu =\{x:0<x\le 10\text{ and }x\text{ is an integer }\!\!\}\!\!\text{ }$find $(T'\cap M')$